1. oldgray:

super happy to announce our split with Tiny Moving Parts! 
pre-orders up now and going fast!
Broken World Media - http://www.brokenworldmedia.bigcartel.com
Kind of Like Records - http://store.kindoflikerecords.com/
(EUROPE) Dog Knights Productions -http://dogknightsproductions.bigcartel.com/
thank you so much for your continued support! 
  2. imnothinglikethecrab:


Touché Amoré is touring with Tigers Jaw this summer and I will be playing drums for both. Very excited to get exceptionally sweaty this summer!

Fuck I’m going to be on tour the whole time during the northeast section.
  3. uncube:

New Italian Futurism exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum, NY
Source: uncube magazine http://bit.ly/1gW1kc7
Carlo Carrà, “Interventionist Demonstration”, 1914. (Photo: Courtesy Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation © 2013 ARS)

 learned about this today. i actually found it very interesting. 
  4. Old Gray, Tiny Moving Parts Announce Split 7”



    Old Gray and Tiny Moving Parts will be releasing a new split 7” via Kind of Like Records and Broken World Media (and Dog Knights in the UK) on May 20th. Check out the artwork and track listing for the release below after the jump.

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    of course i ordered this, the sorority noise lp, and my ticket for the modern baseball tour. I’m poor now. 

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  5. thelastofourkindzine:

Tigers Jaw - Charmer
June 3rd, 2014
  6. i ordered so many records recently and im buying tickets for some shows. my credit card bill is going to be so high and damn bands need to chill with all their announcements. you are killing me. 

  7. hereitisimsorryy:




Stone Cold Steve Austin on gay marriage:

"I’ve got some damn good friends that are gay. I’m absolutely for same sex marriage.
I don’t think that there is a god that says you cannot do this, you cannot do that. If two cats can’t get married, but then a guy can go murder 14 people, molest 5 kids, then go to prison and accept god, he’s going to let him into heaven. After the fact that he did all that s**t? See, that’s all horse s**t to me, that don’t jive with me.”

stone cold good guy

Austin 3:16 Says let those two men get married

Hahaha this rules

  8. The Hotelier | Life In Drag

    Who taught you how to hate yourself?
    Who forced you to confide in spell?

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