1. I feel like more people should just own a journal, make a word document, use their phones, etc as a journal/ venting space, instead of sharing so many details of your personal life on social media sites.

  2. seeing joyce manor tomorrow with my best friend. 

  3. boldxwillxhold:


Yeah that

love it.
  4. persiancatworld:

#persiancat on ig by http://ift.tt/1fefBAJ
  5. 1337tattoos:

Karrie Arthurs
  6. okay so i watched this movie yesterday and i really liked it, i wish it featured goob as a little kid much more though because he was my favorite/ a more relatable character. 
  7. alexishepburn:

Flower lady for Paul, thank you!
I’ll be doing flash day at @thesweetlifetattoo in Northcote on Saturday 20th September, more details on the shops page 👀
  8. I saw the cutest cat at the pet store… Aww
  9. kingfantastic:

I’ll be fine, I’ll run and hide. #basement #basementuk (at Heart And Soul Tattoo)
  10. affably:

Backbone by Heather Gabel